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Sea lion tours operate all year round!

We depart from the Marina in Jurien Bay near A Jetty and the floating passenger docking area.
Tours generally depart 9am from the Marina and return no later than 12pm depending on which island we visit and sea conditions on the day.

With plenty of parking for any size of vehicle and bathroom/change room facilities including a hot shower after your tour.

We encourage people to be their approx. 20 minutes before departure for any snorkelling and wetsuit fitting and a safety talk before departing.
Depending on what island we visit the boat trip is either 20 to 30 minutes one way.

During the boat trip we often see dolphins and bird life and time to meet and talk with other passengers or sit back and relax and save your energy.
Once at the island we anchor the boat and generally the sea lions are coming out to play, usually we interact with the sea lions for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours or until they get bored of us.

During times people are in the water we have a staff member (swimmer) to guide or help with anyone’s needs whom is also a qualified in senior first aid, whilst the skipper keeps watch (spotter)

We try to mix up our tours a little and no 2 trips are the same however you will get to experience the sea lions in their natural habitat which is how all great eco tours should be.

Depending on which island we visit we sometimes stopover for a beach combe if time permits before heading back to the Marina.

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  • PO Box 838, Jurien Bay 6516

  •  0427-931-012

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